• Item Capability
    Layer count Up to 20 layer
    Min. Core Thickness 2 mil
    Min. Board Thickness 2L:10mil; 4L:14mil; 6L:18mil; 8 L:25mil
    Max Board Thickness 236mil
    Max Panel Size 21” x 24” (533mm x 610mm)
    Materials FR4(standard) Isola/Nanya/ITEQ
    FR4(Hi-Tg) Isola/Nanya/ITEQ
    Rogers RO4003/4350/3010/RT Duroid 5880/5870
    Arlon Diclad 25N/25FR/870/880
    Taconic TLY/TLC/RF35&RF30
    Nelco N9000/ N4000-6/ N4000-13
    IMS(Insulated Metal Substitute) FR4+AL/Berquist+AL/Rogers+AL or Copper
    Drilling Min. Drilled Hole Size 10mil
    Annular Ring 115μm(normal); 100μm(for Laser)
    Registration ±3~5mil
    Min. Finished Hole Size 8mil
    Copper Weight 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1~5 oz
    Conductor for Trace Width ±20%
    Surface Conductor Thickness >51μm (for 1oz.); >82μm (for 2oz.)
    Min. Hole Surface Copper >0.8mil, Ave. 1mil
    Max. Aspect Ratio 8:1
    Image Transfer Min. Track and Gap 4/4mil
    SMT/BGA. Pitch 10mils for SMT; 32mils for BGA
    Track and gap 3mil
    Solder Mask Photoimager(LPI)Solder Mask Green, Yellow,Blue, Red, Black
    Via Plugging (min. 80%) Yes
    Peelable Solder Mask Yes
    Registration ±2mil
    Solder Dam Width ±3mil
    Thickness Over Trace 0.2~1.5mil
    Silkscreen White, Yellow, Black
    Min. legend width 8mil
    CNC Dimension +/-4mil
    Punch Dimension +/-4mil
    Blind Vias / Buried Vias Yes
    POV(Pad on Vias) Yes
    Impedance control ±10%
    Pb free HASL 100u”
    HASL(non leadfree) 40~120 u”
    Immersion Gold 1~5 u”
    Immersion Silver 8~12 u”
    Immersion Tin 25~40 u”
    Hard Gold & Gold Finger Yes
    Gold Finger Plating 5,8,10,15,20,30 u”
    OSP 0.25~0.35 u”
    Carbon Ink 20Ω
    Peelable Ink t=0.3m/m
    Laser Drill & Horizontal Plating Subcontactor